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Collection: KAPDAA

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the fabric leftover after your favorite piece of clothing is made? Then there is the matter end of rolls, or misprints, or fabric hangers, or sample designs etc. We call this fabric waste ‘offcuts’, and every second, a truck dumps up to 10 cubic meters of this fabric waste into a landfill. You can only imagine the ecological toll of this wastefulness.
Having worked with >300 brands/ designers and backed by London Fashion Fund we took a step forward in building a zero waste industry and spreading the sustainable message by launching KAPDAA offcut products for consumers. Our hand-crafted, sustainable, and upcycled branded products always reflect the unique tastes of its creators. With an aesthetic that is bold, yet down-to-earth, we epitomize elegance and fine craftsmanship that is truly timeless.
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