Winter Special Edition


This beautiful winter scent allows you to relax and float into a festive comfort and calm on a long winter’s night. The fragrant combination of Tangerine and Pine Needle work beautifully with Cinnamon to bring that seasonal aroma into your home to help you relax and enjoy the joyful Christmas season
Net Weight: e 100ml
Size: Height 143mm / Diameter 45mm
Our Ingredients are few and so you can be sure you are getting a pure and clean product that is safe to use in your home. Each room mist is made from:

Grain Alcohol @ 70%
Distilled Water
100% Natural Essential Oils - Tangerine, Cinnamon and Pine Needle

If you wish to order a refill, simply choose your scent from the refill section on the shop and all details for returning the bottle will be sent to you via email including a free return label. Your used bottle will then be cleaned and refilled with the same scent and returned to you within 2 weeks.