Sanderson Leather Watch Roll & Stud Box Gift Set - Sahara Tan & Eucalyptus

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Our distinct Sanderson Leather Watch Roll is paired with the best-selling Sanderson Leather Stud Box, both handcrafted from the finest materials, making a stunning and unique luxury gift set.

STOW's Sanderson Leather Watch Roll is designed to accommodate a range of watch styles and is uniquely constructed with two removable cylinders to allow optional storage for the Sanderson Leather Stud Box. Two watches fit on the larger cylinder, one on the smaller. Replace the smaller cylinder with STOW’s Sanderson Leather Stud Box to allow the use of the two items together.

The Sanderson Leather Stud Box, a stylish and multi-functional item, can also be used separately. It can also be used as a leather watch box too - it can stow a single watch by removing the inner crossbar.

Product Dimensions

Watch Roll Dimensions

Outer leather case: 23cm (W) x 9cm (H)

Removable cylinder one: 12cm x 6cm

Removable cylinder two: 7.5cm x 6cm

Stud Box Dimensions:

7.5cm (H) x 6.5cm (W)


Designed in England, made in Spain. Crafted by professional leather artisans using the finest supple Spanish leather and soft Italian goat suede.