By Your Side - Vintage Plate


This design is rooted in Ali’s personal experience of supporting a loved one through dark times. A gothic design representing the literal feeling of "by your side" - being at a hospital bed caring for the patient.

This plate features hand-applied design in the middle of a human anatomy diagram.  Surrounded by black lace, birds and butterflies, with a cleaning man and dancing girl. Small black butterflies on the outside representing dark souls, they sit adjacent to the delicate blue flowers. Fine bone china. 

Hand-painted 18 carat gold details surround the rim and in smaller detail surrounding the central design.

These designs are where Ali first started as a artist, taking a discarded object that already had a ‘life’ and up-cyling it and giving it a new life.

As these are vintage plates, they have imperfections and speckling from kiln firing. 

Care Info

It is recommended that this piece is hand washed only.