Created by ELLC distiller, Caitlin Bailey, Changeling transcends classic digestifs, bitters and liqueurs to create something altogether new to wreak havoc with your spirits cabinet. Inspired by the Irish folktales of the fairy folk replacing human babies with their own, and the mischief and shenanigans these ‘Changelings’ would enact.

The Botanicals

barrel-aged gin | fennel seed | bay leaf | lavender flower | grapefruit peel | angelica root | lightly peated moonshine | rhubarb & cardamom jam | blackberry & bay leaf jam

The Taste & Aroma

If an orange liqueur, pastis and a medieval monastery’s herb garden got drunk on a bottle of cognac and had a love child, it would smell like this.

orange marmalade | aniseed | chocolate truffles | tarragon | wild thyme | blackberry leaves

A jammy sweetness hits the palate at the same time as a clean, medicinal bitterness, with a whirlwind of flavours such as candied orange, fennel seeds and bitter chicory all playfully fighting for your undivided attention. Liquorice root and radicchio linger on like a party guest who keeps going long after the host has gone to bed.