Eltham Mach3 Razor


Each Eltham razor is inspired by classic early 20th Century British design. To attain the elegant, 'antique' look and feel, each razor is hand polished to a mirror finish using customary steel finishing methods by skilled UK craftsmen.

This delightful and unique luxury razor makes a perfect gentleman's gift idea, or simply an elegant addition to a gentleman's daily or weekend wash bag.

Key Razor Features

• Designer razor handle, polished to an impeccable mirror finish by hand

• Stunning Art Deco influenced design

• Optimum weighted handle to improve the shaving experience

• Manufactured in the UK from British stainless steel

• Monogrammed detailing at base of handle

• Presented in a premium luxury gift box

• Compatible with Gillette Mach3 cartridge system

Technical Information

Razor weight: 85g

Razor length: 135mm

Blade compatibility: Gillette Mach3 & Gillette Mach3 Turbo