Travel Candle - Emerald Gardens


EUCALYPTUS + MINT A refreshing candle to clear the senses and open the mind. Allow the invigorating and stimulating combination of Eucalyptus and Mint to focus your thoughts and get you back on track. The perfect pick-me-up.

Burn Time: approx 20 - 30 Hours

Net Weight: 150g

Size: Height 80mm / Diameter 55mm 


Ingredients are few and so you can be sure you are getting a pure and clean candle that is safe to burn in your home. Each candle is made from: 100% Sustainable Plant Based EcoSoya Wax - free from Pesticides A Pure Cotton wick that burns clean 100% Natural Essential Oils - Eucalyptus and Mint 

Product Care

Ideally burn your candle until the wax pool has reached the outside edges of the jar before extinguishing. It is a good idea to burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours to ensure the wax burns evenly and you benefit from the essential oils. Always trim your wick to 1cm before lighting and do not relight the candle when the wax is below 1cm.