Mr Mullan's Apotropaic Amulet


A portable fragrance diffuser to carry your favourite scent with you wherever you go. 

Perfumers chalk is encased in a brass engraved Mr Mullan’s amulet with small vents to allow the fragrance to be released whilst you are on the move. 

Through scent, Mr Mullan’s Apotropaic Amulet activates the part of the brain that is also responsible for storying emotional memories, creativity and emotions allowing you to enjoy holistic relaxation whilst on the move. 


1 x Brass Amulet on pendant 

1 x 10ml fragrance in choice of tobacco and oak or tuscan leather 

2 x Perfumers chalk 

Product Guide 

  1. Apply five droplets sing the pipette provided to the perfumes chalk
  2. Unscrew the amulet and place the soaked perfumers chalk inside 
  3. Enjoy the sooting aroma hand crafted by Mr Mullan 


Our Apotropaic Amulet is packaged in environmentally friendly clamshells made from recycled cardboard. No bleach or no dyes, no waste water in production and zero manufacturing waste made using 100%  post industrial raw materials.