Mr Mullan's Hand Sanitiser - 500ml



50 ml glass bottle with pump included

Mr Mullan's Hand San is a powerful yet gentle hand sanitiser, ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Formulated with 90% proof isopropyl alcohol, (Public Health England's recommendation) this is a valid and eco friendly alternative to widely used hand sanitising gel, with the addition of aloe vera extract to keep your skin well moisturised.

We designed our Hand San as a pump spray in order to minimise the time it takes for the antimicrobial properties to take effect. Recent studies have shown that liquid antibac sprays are both faster acting and more effective than traditional hand gels.

Our Signature Scent has been employed for our Hand San. Infused with bergamot, black pepper, sandalwood and orange blossom, all of which contain natural antimicrobial properties, our spray leaves a delightful scent once absorbed.