Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Face Oil

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We have matched two favourite products: the rose quartz facial roller and a 10ml bottle of Face Oil, creating a most beneficial and relaxing experience, beautifully presented in an ANI Skincare Gift box, a perfect treat for you or a heavenly gift for a friend. 

Facial Rollers

Developed from the ancient Chinese healing treatment of Gua Sha, (a full body scraping technique practised for many centuries). Now we have adapted this process for a simpler, yet effective, facial massage. The beauty of the facial roller is its simplicity and ease of use, no specific preparation, training or equipment is required to use this tool to create a real impact and improvement of your skins’ appearance, it’s a non-invasive, effective and convenient tool.

What can a Facial Roller do for me?

Used regularly, the facial roller will stimulate blood circulation, this in turn, helps to increase the promotion of skin cell renewal, to maintain a healthy glowing skin. Along side this, the roller reduces puffiness, especially around the eye area, relieves muscle tension, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, help ease headaches, whilst attaining a more toned appearance particularly along the jaw line and lower cheek area. To enhance the relaxing experience and optimise the Rollers effectiveness we recommend use with one of the ANI Face Oils, these two products work perfectly together, maximising both of their beneficial effects.

THE GOLDEN RULE - work across your face from centre, continually working the roller upwards and outwards, towards the lymphatic system along your neck and shoulder line. Crucially though, enjoy the experience and relax!

Full instructions and diagram on how to get the most from your roller is supplied with product.