The Passiflora Pouffe Cube


During the Victorian Era, the Passion Flower (Passiflora) was extremely popular for its exotic appearance. With its hypnotic petals and style, it’s easy to see why people loved it so much.

The Passiflora Pouffe features a wild print of Passion Flowers and looping Ivy. Whilst the Passion Flower might have been at its height of popularity a century ago, this print is here to stay and can be enjoyed anytime - at the foot of your sofa or even centre stage with a tray of trinkets and a good book on it.

The pouffe is filled with European duck feathers ethically sourced and approved by EDFA standards.


W 45CM x H 45CM x L 45CM

Each pouffe is handmade to order so may vary slightly from the images shown. This adds to the unique charm of each design.